Day Packages

Basic Sailing
If you are new or want to refresh
Covers the fundamental movements
Upwind and downwind sailing
Sail trimming
Capsize/turtle recovery
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Advanced Sailing
You're a salty dog but want more
Sail Control Theory
Advanced Steering (heel/sails)
Roll Tack / Gybe
Tell Tales
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Catamaran Sailing
Two hulls are better than one!
Tacking / Gybing
Capsize Recovery
Sailing for speed
Trapezing techniques
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Custom Lesson Packages

Custom Lessons
You tell me what you want to learn and I'll teach you.
Tailored to your needs
Focused practice
Can pin point those troublesome maneuvers
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Boat Rig and Skill Tune Up
Winter is a long season! Lets get you back up to speed.
Boat rigged for the season
Go over the basics
Address any skill deficits
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Travel Costs

Local Service Area
Mississauga to Scarborough
Outside Local Service Area
$0.75 per km