Meet Your Coach

Alex Byczko coaching sailing ready to blow a whistle
Alex Byczko demonstrating the tiller main sheet exchange on a land boat with athletes watching

Alex Byczko

"The best way to learn is to get intimate and involved."
  • CANSail 1 - 4 Coach
  • Sail Canada Learning Facilitator (Can train and certify new sailing coaches)
  • Ontario Certified Teacher
  • Over 15 years experience sailing and coaching
  • Trained and certified over 5000 new sailors and 150 new coaches
  • 3600 miles of blue water sailing (300 of which were in a dug out mango tree. Its a cool story. Ask him some time.)
  • 2015 Canadian Match Racing Champions (6ix Match Racing - top rank of 52 in the world)

Current Favourite Boat - Hobie 16


Alex was introduced to sailing at the tender age of 12 and quickly became addicted.

Someone should have warned him... Sailing, not even once.....

Quickly, the Canadian Sea Cadet Program created a passion which Alex wanted to convey with infectious enthusiasm.  Hungry for more and different experience, Alex left the cadet program to become the head instructor at The Boulevard Club (2011 - 2015) and a Community Sailing Club, Westwood (2008 - present).  This spurred him to continue to develop as a coach becoming a Sail Canada Learning Facilitator, as well as beginning a career in education as an Ontario Certified Teacher.