Freedom, relaxation, excitement, and exhilaration.....

are a few words that describe the visceral nature of sailing. However, to experience, what we like to call, the silent rush of power, you need to have the knowledge and confidence to control a boat on your own. There are few ways to get the necessary time on the water, whether its through adult lessons at your local club or with friends who own boats.

But.....You've taken one step further, you are a boat owner.

Let's jump start your sailing season with a quick and comprehensive sailing session. Grand Fromage Sailing is dedicated to helping boat owners, old and new, get the most out of their boat and sailing season. By offering one on one private sessions, we can quickly get you up to speed with the knowledge and, most of all, the confidence to say...

"Yes, Let's Do This!"

So mount up and check out who your coach will be here - Meet Your Coach